Praise for Matty Ride

Something new, refreshing, slightly retro, but yet highly addictive for our ears. Man, this sh#t is too dope. ” - Jesse James


Matty Ride is bad to the bone ” - Tommy Sims

— Grammy Award winning Artist and Producer

Matty Ride is an artist with one foot in pop music’s fabled past and another in his own bright future. I think he’ll continue to find that the grass is green on both sides. ” - Jared Wolf

— Indiemunity

Artist Bio

Matty Ride

Matty Ride recaptures the spirit of the American Songbook through his original ‘Vintage Pop’ compositions. His clever rhymes, tongue in cheek topics, and witty lyrics showcase an urbane sense of style and playfulness. Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Matty Ride grew up in the very stomping grounds and hometown of Bing Crosby. It's there that his love for the great singers of the American Songbook such as Nat King Cole, Sinatra and of course Bing Crosby, took hold. Matty’s warm crooning vocal style, paired with his uptempo big band arrangements and sentimental ballads reflect these inspirations of yesteryear, and give a nod to the modern day likes of Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum. Ask Matty to describe his music and he'll tell you with a laugh "I'm just making the type of music your grandparents made your parents to."

New Release - Lower Case Love

Single Artwork - Lower Case Love

Single Artwork - Lower Case Love

Song Bio - Lower Case Love

“Hollywood sells us on instant romance, but in reality, love is a slow burn. I wrote this song as a tongue in cheek way to say, take it seriously, but seriously… take your time. Because the quicker you get it, the cheaper it is.  And the cheaper it is, the sooner we move on to something else. But love is a four letter word spelled T-I-M-E, and time is the currency of love. Where you invest your time, there your heart is also. So, for all those feeling the pressure of Valentine’s Day, I say, ‘“Only time will tell, if it’s love with a capital “L”, but for now the lower case will do.’” - Matty Ride


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